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Show your location live on Google Maps. Free real-time GPS tracker for Android.

Where Are We?

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NOTE: There are instructions below the map that describe how to use the "extra" features.

Map auto refreshes every few seconds. Where are we now? Keep watching and find out.
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Important F.Y.I. The fine print!-
The annoying advertisements that appear in and on the video stream are not under our control but originate from UStream and their advertising partners. We can not be held responsible or liable for content in those ads. Read further for tips on how to prevent those ads from popping up and interrupting your viewing pleasure.

What to expect when you are viewing the video stream:
You will see whatever is on the road in front of us. You will hear on occasion, the CB radio, ham radio operations, the AM/FM/XM satellite radio, talking whether it is me giving commentary on peoples driving habits, chatter or just plain silence. The stream will only be active while we are out and about. When we are not on the road, the video stream will not be broadcasting.

The video stream originates from a mobile environment. The connection, reliability and quality of the stream will be determined by several factors:
The stream can only be sent while we are in a strong 4G, 3.5G, 3G cell phone coverage area, MIFI or a public WIFI. Terrain such as mountainous areas, flat clear areas, rural locations large/small cities/towns, weather conditions which are totally out of our control, will determine the quality of the video stream. If the video stream should reach an area that is not of a condition to allow us to broadcast, hang tight, when we re-enter an area that is good enough for us to broadcast from, the video player will automatically reconnect to our video streaming broadcast.

To put a stop to those annoying ads on and in the video stream:

Download: hosts.zip Extract the "host" file from the .zip file and place the new host file in this folder: "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc." When prompted, "Save" and click "yes to all". Close and restart your browser. You'll never be annoyed by those ads again.

Sights and sounds on the stream are coming to you live. We will not be held accountable for anything that you do not like or see. Simply if you do not like what is seen or heard, do not complain to us, no one is forcing you to watch or listen to anything. There are many other mobile video streams on the internet in various places.....they all look the same, do the same things, blogs, GPS tracking, video players, etc etc...everything looks similar. So just beware if you seek out other streams. Content on this website and on our streams are ours. Anything here that looks or appears similar or coincidental is just that. I don't have time to beef with other stream operators and website appliance operators, don't whine and cry here if something "looks" the same as something else online.

We do this as a "sub-service". Thank you for watching and following.


You follow us on the map and send us a message through the map (see instructions below how to do that).

Click on the DOT where we are located or last seen and you will be able to see:
Username: (who we are)
Send time: (last known time position was sent)
Elevation: (our approximate elevation in relation to sea level)
Accuracy: (how accurate our posted position is given by the number of GPS satellites we can "see")
Direction: (which direction we are headed)
Speed: (how fast we are traveling)
Battery: (the amount of juice left in the battery)
Position: (our coordinates)
Auto Focus: (check the box so the map follows us)
Message: (type a short message to us here, when you hit enter, a box will pop up asking you to input a name. If we are driving, we will get your message, however we wont be able to read or respond to your message until we stop, or if our passenger reads and responds for us.


APRS - Ham Radio Travels

Our Current Position on APRS via Radio, mobile

Our Current Position on APRS via the cellular network, mobile

Our Current Position on APRS, our home location
NYEngineer on Truckcam.tv 
NYEngineer on Truckcam.tv

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